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DJ’ng is becoming a growing industry in terms of popularity and interest. With the growth of technology and the race to make things better and smaller, we see the ability to become a DJ become easier. There are many kinds of DJ’s as the term DJ is not specific to the type of scene you are employed in. There are many kinds of DJ’s, however the three main classifications are radio DJ’s, club/professional DJ’s, and mobile DJ’s/party DJ’s. The point of a DJ, however, is the same across the board which is to use the medium of music to entertain groups of people. Radio DJ’s, though similar, vary from the other two forms of DJ’ng as the radio DJ just plays whatever is required at the station; rock, hip-hop, etc. They have to be well versed in the genre, however, and keep on top of the latest trending songs. Though the other DJ’s have to do that as well, it is not as required as the radio counterpart. Radio and Club/Professional DJ’s differ from their mobile counterpart as the Radio and Club DJ’s are under contract and DJ’ng for them is a more rigorous career. Club/professional DJ’s are the more notorious DJ’s who include those such as David Guetta, Deadmau5, and Skrillex. These DJ’s often produce their own music and are known for the “party” scene (alcohol, drugs, etc). Mobile DJ’ng, which is what I do, requires a vast knowledge of many different genres and an ability to do what Club DJ’s and Radio DJ’s do but on the fly. Mobile DJ’s are not under contract, typically, and acquire most of their business through word of mouth and self promoting. These are the DJ’s you see at weddings, grad parties, and gatherings of all sorts. Overall DJ’ng is an exploding career that is being made more accessible to the everyday person due to technological advances.




Acapella groups have been around for an extremely long time and, as is required for acapella, the ability to use only one’s voice has been hailed as excellence since the dark ages. One such group that exists is called the Pentatonix. Pentatonix, a 5-member acapella group, began with three friends Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, and Scott Hoying at Martin High School in Arlington, TX. Hearing of a local radio show hosting a competition to meet the cast of Glee, they arranged a trio version of “Telephone” and sent it in. Although they did not end up winning the competition, it sparked attention around their school. The group began performing around school for different events and at their final choir concert of the year. After getting positive feedback from “Telphone” on YouTube, the three decided to continue and arrange other songs for fun. 

When the opportunity arose to audition for The Sing Off, they decided to add two amazing performers Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola to the group. Thus, Pentatonix was born! Although only together for a short time, an instant chemistry, appreciation, and friendship arose out of the five. Pentatonix loves putting their own dance/upbeat spin on music and derives its influences from pop, dubstep, electro, and hip-hop. Image