John Mayer


I am a huge John Mayer fan so I’ve decided to write about his journey in the music industry. Mayer grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut and is the second of three children. He learned guitar at the age of thirteen. He was obsessed with playing music and began playing in local cafes and bars. Mayer’s first album was only available online from Aware records but he was soon picked up Columbia records and rereleased his first album Room for Squares. Since the beginning of his journey John Mayer has been nominated for nineteen Grammy’s and has won seven of them. I would consider him to be one of the greatest artists in my lifetime. He has only released five albums between 2001 and 2012, besides live albums, but he continues to keep his fan base. The internet and the accessibility of the internet has been essential in Mayer’s career. In 2012 he faced a health problem that could have ended his career. Mayer went through surgery to remove a granuloma from his throat, after he was put on vocal rest and given Botox injections to help heal. During the writing on his latest album Born and Raised he spent several months in Montana away from the spotlight and continued to stay there to heal. His Born and Raised tour in the spring of 2012 had to be postponed due to the vocal rest, leaving fans disappointed. However, the Born and Raised tour has been rescheduled for this summer. If it had not been for the internet and his music being widely spread he may have lost a lot of fans due to the lack of his presence in the spotlight. He seems to be doing well on the charts too with Born and Raised moving from number 193 to 135 on the Billboard charts in just a few weeks. John says he is now ready to tour and he is ready to move forward in his life and career.


4 thoughts on “John Mayer

  1. Jack Campo says:

    I too am a huge JM fan! Often I catch a lot of flack for it just because his life style choices are exactly exemplar but I don’t think that makes him any less of a writer or musician. For the guitar world he is our generation’s Eric Clapton, he is a pioneer. Born and Raised is such an interesting album as well, it is a total reinvention of his image and style with a very definite folk influence. I also watched an interview of him and it seems his sickness has served him a slice of humble pie. After watching him do a session at Berkley he admitted that Continuum was his favorite album, so it will be interesting to see where his career takes him from here.

  2. lydiabrace says:

    Some of my friends are always talking to me about John Mayer. Like you guys they really love his music. I heard him play the guitar before and I felt like he did excellent. I never listen to much of his music, but I know from people around me he’s pretty awesome. I’m glad he’s throat is okay and he can tour this summer like he wants to!!!

  3. wingedwhimsy says:

    I’m familiar with John Mayer’s music to an extent but I haven’t actually listened to it much. I am definitely appreciative of creativity and good lyrics, though, and I hear his music has both; since I am also partial to folk-influenced music, perhaps Born and Raised would be a good place for me to start. My older sister loves that album and could also be counted among the many (apparently numerous) Mayer fans!

  4. mackzartin says:

    I’m glad he ate some humble pie as Jack put it. It makes me respect him more as an artist because of it. I guess I don’t see how it makes sense to support someone’s music (even if it’s really good) if they have junky morals. I know not everyone thinks this way. Anyway, I’m glad John got his head on a little straighter. Maybe I’ll start listening to him.

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