Twitter #Music

Twitter is one of the most popular apps in the world, especially with iPhone users. We know Twitter to be a type of social networking site where we can express feelings or follow celebrities. But now Twitter is taking it a step further, they just introduced a new app on Thursday for iPhone users called Twitter #Music, hence the hash tag. This new app is designed solely for music lovers and musicians. Twitter says this new app is to help Twitter users to discover new music and artists.

Here’s how the app works, based on your twitter followers the app recommends songs and artists based on whom you follow and what musicians they follow. Twitter hopes this app leads to sharing new music and purchasing the music you like on iTunes. Some people are skeptical whether or not this app will help artists make more of a profit but I think it’s a really cool idea. This app seems like a great way for new and up coming artists to get their music out there.


The design of the app is also very cool and unique. Just like the trending topics on the original Twitter app the Twitter #Music app has a popular page for music. There is a suggestion tab which suggests new artists to you and also a now playing tab which shows you who your friends and followers are listening to. The app has a really simple yet sleek design that many people will  find interesting. I am interested in seeing how long this app stays popular and whether or not it will benefit the music industry.


5 thoughts on “Twitter #Music

  1. Jack Campo says:

    Hmm this is interesting indeed. I feel like music itself has just become trendy–haha. As the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity, right? Sometimes I fear that music is becoming cluttered in the sense that it is hard to find artist who are really good, in such a large pool to sift through. It’ll be interesting to watch where this ends up!

  2. This is very interesting to hear about! Twitter is a very popular site, like was stated above, but it is very cool to hear that they are now having music go with it.

  3. lydiabrace says:

    This is pretty cool. I wonder how long it will last to. Hopefully it does help artist gain more profit on their songs. I think it was a pretty cool idea, but I’m like everyone else. I wonder will it get old really fast.

  4. wingedwhimsy says:

    I’m not super familiar with Twitter (I’ve barely been on the site and have trouble trying to break down how it works!) but I can see how this would be popular with users. The Facebook app for Spotify, I’m guessing, works in a similar way in that you can see what other people like or listen to and then check out those songs or artists from there.
    I feel like apps like these are getting more and more numerous and popular. Unfortunately I think that in some ways the increasing accessibility of recorded music is making it less special than it has been before. While I agree that it is great to share music, I feel like music is often used as a sort of status, or that your music tastes–like your Pinterest boards or your Tumblr posts–can become a sort of “identity” for you (guilty). Also I think people are less focused on sharing music the good old fashioned way: getting together to perform, to listen, or just to jam around. All the best sharing includes personal interaction.
    All that being said, the internet is definitely a great way to get music out there, whereas before the digital age there were only electronic recordings, and before that music was even more limited to a specific area. It’s crazy how fast some things can take off on the internet!

  5. mackzartin says:

    That seems kind of cool, but honestly I think Twitter will be dead in the not too distant future. So I say let the artists ride it out for the time being, but I don’t think this will help Twitter’s longevity. Look at what happened with myspace and its music.

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