iHeart Radio was  founded in April 2008 by Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc. as the website Imageiheartradio.com. It is now a radio network, and a music recommender system. iHeart Radio offers free music in a free digital internet radio service that lets you stream from live radio stations.

iHeart Radio was made available to cell phones through an app on October 7, 2008. It was only release for iPhones and iPod touches through the App store. In 2009 it was made available to BlackBerrys and Android phones.


Soon after these apps where opened iHeart Radio begin to offer artist interviews, and live performances. In 2010 it expanded to Sonos platforms. in 2011 iHeart Radio expanded to Xbox 360 consoles. in 2012 iHeart launched on iPads and made a deal to power Yahoo Music Radio.


iHeart Radio is used all over the United States. It is just as popular as Spotify, Pandora, and other online and on the go radio stations. iHeart radio lets you customize your own radio station and even lets you set alarms, so that  you can wake up to your favorite radio stations, and helps you start off your day. I personally think that iHeart Radio is really cool. It lets me listen to my favorite radio stations and allows me to skip thorough songs i don’t like. I also like because they interview artist which lets the artist fans get to know them better. I think its a great radio station.

iHeart Radio


4 thoughts on “iHeart Radio

  1. I love how we have all these option that we can choose from to listen to music on our phones and computers. I believe that it is a big step forward, and also that it is a great tool for artists to get exposure. But I also feel that with how easy it is to listen to music on our phones and computer that we are also taking away one of the essential elements of music, and that is actually going to listen to the music live.

  2. Jack Campo says:

    It’s cool to see an American company getting in on the internet-music-streaming business, it seems like Sweden is a place for this type of service. Maybe if I’m ever cool enough to have an iphone I’ll have to look into it more. What is the level of customization though? I’m still a big fan of artist-based radio like Spotify…

  3. mackzartin says:

    I’ve never heard of iHeartRadio. I’ll have to check it out sometime as an alternative to Pandora.

  4. Wow, I’ve heard the name tossed around, but I never really knew what it was. It’s like having streaming movies 24/7 and having access to all of the special features as well. It’s crazy what we have access to with today’s technology.

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