GarageBand is a software provided by Apple for Mac computers. GarageBand is a program that allows Apple users to create and edit music on their very own computer. GarageBand was created by Dr. Gerhard Langeling. Dr. Langeling was part of the German company Emagic. Emagic is the makers of Logic Audio. Emagic was bought by Apple 2002. In 2004 Dr. Langeling  expose the world to the first version of GarageBand.


There are six version of GarageBand. The 1st version came out in 2004, the 2nd in 2005, the 3rd in 2006, the 4th in 2008. the 5th in 2009, and the 6 in 2011 with an update in 2012. Each version brought different features. In the latest version (GarageBand 6) these features include:

  • Audio Recording
  • Virtual Software Instruments
  • Guitar Features
  • Midi editing
  • Music Lessons
  • Additional Audio Loops
  • MainStage 2
  • Third-Party Instrument
  • Apple Loop Packages
  • Sample Multitrack Sources Files
  • Limitations

For many people the first time using GarageBand might be a little difficult, but like with all computer software after looking at the video tutorial most people find GarageBand very easy to use. I personally sometimes use GarageBand and at first I was a little confuse but I kept playing with it and I finally learn how to use GarageBand. It is really fun and I think it is a very useful software.

Here is a Tutorial on how to use GarageBand. Enjoy!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Apple’s GARAGEBAND

  1. Jack Campo says:

    Garageband is definitely one of those things that takes a lot of time to figure out. I’m coming to a point where I need to get it figured out in order to start working on a lot of different things musically. For guitarists this is a huge feature in learning how to play lead guitar, because you can record a chord progression and then solo over it. What is also crazy about Garageband is that there are bands now doing all of their own recording and producing from the program and making awesome, quality, albums… This is definitely something that is changing the availability of music and who can become a rock-star.

  2. wingedwhimsy says:

    Computer programs like these confuse me at first, but then can become addicting! I used to make a lot of videos (and I have done for a summer camp for the last two years) and using that moviemaking software (which was nice but not super advanced) was confusing enough for me. I imagine I would be doing a lot of experimenting with Garageband but would end up getting attached. I would feel a bit overwhelmed with so many options to explore, but I never want to stop exploring!

  3. mackzartin says:

    A feature I really like about Garageband is musical typing. It allows you to play your computer keyboard like a piano. So if you can’t afford a MIDI controller, you can just turn on musical typing. I haven’t seen other programs do that.

  4. I have yet to completely understand Garageband but it is a pretty cool app. I think its nice that this program comes with Macs and you don’t have to buy a program like this to record music yourself. I have messed around with it but I’ve never created a whole project using it, maybe someday I will!

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