I have found the fast growing Dubstep music to be intriguing. It has a song as the outline but it also has an element of chaos and unpredictability. People can take almost any song , from music that’s already upbeat  to taking a mellow song and transforming it completely into dance music.

The exact origins of dubstep are hard to peg down, but apparently we have London, England to thank for the name. More specifically, a small town in South London called Croydon.

Tracing back the influences of this deep-bass dance music goes back to something called “Jamaican dub music”. “ The Jamaican sound systems emphasized disco-type sounds with reproduced bass frequencies underlying. This eventually gave rise to the dub variety of reggae music that had features like sub-bass (bass where the frequency is less than 90Hz, a.k.a. really really deep), 2-step drums and distortion effects.” (History of Dubstep)  This was even before 1999 when us children in America hadn’t even heard the whisper of such music.

Since then, it’s been made popular and promoted starting in the clubs and radio stations such as Rinse FM. I would still like to point out that this was all still Europe.

America eventually started using it in night clubs as well, tagging along with the rest of the world’s pop culture interest in dubstep.

After 2007 and especially in the past few years, dubstep has taken off and big artists like Britney Spears for the pop culture but even in smaller circles it has become of interest.

I was surprised to find on YouTube, a dubstep version of Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong United, a Christian song frequently used in worship.

I also found dubstep’s versions of God is Able, and Came to my Rescue, coming to realize that this band that had been putting out Christian worship songs for years now had an entire album with their songs made into dubstep!

Personally it took a while for me to warm up to the idea, but for those of us that don’t frequent night clubs, these songs can still be good to use. Dubstep is energetic and great to listen to while working out.

As I am learning more about electronic music I was curious about how dubstep was made. I found a tutorial that explains the making of dubstep and walks you through the entire process (if you have the software).  I don’t have the software, but just watching some of the tutorials was very helpful in helping me understand what makes up dubstep.

Dubstep is now what I call organized chaos.


4 thoughts on “Dubstep

  1. Jack Campo says:

    I’ve been curious about dubstep but never to the point where I’ve wanted to research it, so big props on that! Also the tutorial was really insightful to see how it all pieces together. What I find comical though is how the music is all centered on one thing: The Drop. I guess with all other music though is has a climax on which everything before it and after it plays off of. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really interesting, I never would have thought that dubstep would have originated in England. I am interested in seeing how dubstep will integrate more into the Christian music scene. I have a growing appreciation for dubstep because it really takes a lot of creativity!

  3. lydiabrace says:

    Wow I never knew Dubstep started in London. I always thought it was made in America a long time ago and I just never payed attention to it. I would have loved to see some peoples faces when they found out Hillsong had a whole album in dubstep. I think it’s pretty cool.

  4. wingedwhimsy says:

    I had a hard time warming up to dubstep-type music, but since I started this class I have a whole new appreciation for the people who put together music like dubstep. It takes loads of creativity and skill!
    For anyone who’s interested in Christian dubstep (or similar Christian music), I encourage you to look up Matthew Parker. He’s a friend of mine who makes some really catchy music. He’s on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/eyesontheking), iTunes, and Spotify. I agree that Christians should have a presence in diverse areas of the music scene, and Matthew is a great guy who has contributed a good deal to Christian electronic music. He has a track on “This is Christian Dubstep” and several albums of his own.

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