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In today’s society convenience is everything, so it would only make since that we want our music to be the same way.   One of the first stations that was around, before Spotify, was Pandora Internet Radio.  Pandora was a breakthrough for its time, and Tim Westergren is the person responsible for changing the way we listen to music.  Being able to relate artists and songs through breaking down every type of music, every artist, and every song into what is relatable.  They would break


This a a chart of how some types of music may be broken up.

it down using a technology we know as the music genome project.  The Music Genome Project is one of core technologies currently used by Pandora to play music for Internet users based on their preferences.

Lets talk a little about the founder of Pandora, as I stated earlier that is Tim Westergren.  Tim started out his career as a musician.  He played in numerous bands that had varying levels of success.  He also worked by writing music for film scores.  While working at composing film scores he took note that directors want different kinds of music for their films.  He began to wonder if there was a way that he could break down the music to what the people wanted.  This led him to form his own company the Music Genome Project which opened in 2000.   Within the first four years it led to the development of Pandora Internet Radio.

One of the cool fetures about Pandora is that it actually records your preferences.  And based on your preferences it will play music that suites your taste.  Another cool feature that Pandora offers is that it will tell you why a song is being played on your station. 

As of today over 35 million people that listen to Pandora.  And on top of just using your computer to listen to Pandora, many smart phones now have Pandora apps on them that allow you to listen to your stations. 

Below is a helpful link on how to actually use Pandora.  It goes through step by step on what to do.


4 thoughts on “Pandora Internet Radio

  1. Jack Campo says:

    I remember being introduced to Pandora while I was in high school from a guy that I played with in a praise band. I thought the idea seemed really genius at the time and trying it out for awhile it was pretty great and exposed me to a lot different music I wasn’t used to. It also became somewhat frustrating because the types of music played would steer so far away from what I was originally listening to. In light of my Spotify post, I wonder what it does for the individual artists as far as compensation is concerned?

  2. lydiabrace says:

    I actually like Pandora. It lest me listen to some of my favorite artist for free and I learned about other artist and other music. What I don’t like about Pandora is that if you listen to the same radio station it begins to play the same songs. I do however like that you get a bio of the artist that you are listening to. I think Pandora is a great way to promote an artist and their music.

  3. wingedwhimsy says:

    Through one or two years of high school I would listen to Pandora almost every time I got on the computer. I admit that sometimes it was a bit frustrating because the stations would replay the same songs or play songs that I didn’t like, but overall I enjoyed it. It introduced me to some of my favourite music artists (Radical Face and Patrick Watson) so in the end I feel indebted to Pandora.

  4. I used to listen to Pandora all the time until Spotify came out. I prefer Spotify because you can listen to the song you want when you want but I still listen to Pandora from time to time. I like that Pandora does give you a mix but it can also be frustrating. Overall I think it is a good concept though.

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