The Music Makes the Movie

– Hans Zimmer –

You may be saying to yourself, “hmm, what an interesting name. I think I’ve heard it before, but I can’t put my finger on it…”

Yet you’d be insane if you haven’t seen movies such as “Inception” and “The Dark Knight”. (Don’t take it personally, but if you haven’t seen either of those movies-DO IT.)

These movies are staples in movie history. Many of us can easily rattle off the entire plot, including multiple quotes word for word. I know that I have stayed up many nights trying to wrap my brain around the idea of inception, going back and forth about wether or not the little spinning top thing at the end of the movie stays up, or falls. (

But what doesn’t get recognized as much, is the music within the movie. Sadly for people such as Hans Zimmer, Academy Award winning composer, doesn’t get the applause that he truly deserves. Zimmer was the composer for both Inception and The Dark Knight, and he did an incredible job. The music within the movie can dictate emotions, and even say things that just aren’t justified through acting. Check out this song titled, “Dream is Collapsing” that Hans Zimmer made for Inception. (I feel like I am conquering the world when I am listening to it!)

Another soundtrack that “made the movie” for me was Daft Punk’s work in “TRON”. The whole premise of the movie is very futuristic/technology induced. Collaborating with Daft Punk was a brilliant idea. I honestly don’t think that the movie would have been the same with out the music.

Here is a fight scene from “TRON” that actually features Daft Punk as a cameo.


3 thoughts on “The Music Makes the Movie

  1. derekhiler says:

    It is a good point to mention the impact of music in movies, and not just for the point of background enjoyment. The two movies that you used an example for, Inception and Tron, are good examples to look at for ways that music can truly make a film. As in both of these cases, it would be hard to imagine both of these without their respective music. Inception, with its darker tone to emphasize the fact that the majority of the movie is spent inside someone’s mind. And Tron, music that just gives the constant feeling that you truly are inside of a computer or a machine.

  2. derekhiler says:

    This is a very good point to bring up, music doesn’t soley exist to be background music, it serves as so much more, and the two examples you gave are perfect for looking into this. Inception, with its darker theme to emphasize that you are really inside someone’s mind, searching for secrets. And Tron, music created to actually make you feel that you are in a computer or a machine.

  3. kt5runsing says:

    This is a good topic to bring up, the idea that soundtrack composing is a “behind the scenes” role. Hardly anyone knows what Hans Zimmer looks like, but even people who hate the movie can recognize Leonardo DiCaprio. On the contrary, people are buying more soundtrack music then ever before. I could not even tell you how many times I have flipped through someone’s playlist and seen the “Pirates of The Caribbean” next to Linkin’ Park. Soundtrack music is not only movie music anymore, it’s becoming everyday music. With that consolation, maybe it’s not so bad some composers remain “behind the scenes.”

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