It has been long known that music can move us in many ways. But, did you know that we can be moved by much simpler and more commonplace things? This is what scientists are calling ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is often described as getting a head massage without any physical stimulation, rather, the stimulation is auditory. I first experienced this back in high school when I would get home from school and watch Bob Ross (the black afro guy who painted on PBS) who had a really soothing voice and would always instantly relax me. I didn’t know it then, but this is a very common thing. Other triggers are exposure to slow, accented, or unique speech patterns, viewing educational or instructional videos (believe it or not), experiencing a high empathetic or sympathetic reaction to an event, enjoying a pice of art or music, watching another person complete a task, often in a diligent, attentive manner, close personal attention from another person, haircuts, or other touch from another on head or back. Youtube is remiss with videos from people doing “soundscapes,” basically I see it as a free head massage. It all goes to show the power of sound!
below I have posted links to a few different types of examples. Not every trigger works for every person (and there is a very small percent of people who nothing works for) I encourage you to sit back in your chair, relax, and then watch the video. See if it relaxes you!


2 thoughts on “ASMR

  1. derekhiler says:

    This is really interesting! And I am super excited that you posted a video of Bob Ross. I used to watch him all the time as a kid, and it feels like forever since I last saw a video of his. Anyways, it’s really cool that you talked about relaxation, and ways we can reach it. I personally have even been relaxed just by listening to sounds in nature.

  2. Ryan Stephens says:

    This is really cool! I have never thought that the enjoyment of music could be explained in a scientific matter. I really like the term “head massage” that was used. This explanation really makes sense. Depending on the type of music that we are listening to, it does seem that at times we may be getting a relaxing massage through music.

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