It’s easy!

Back in the day, the only way to listen to music was to go to a concert or to play the music yourself.  Now, music is available everywhere we go.  It’s playing in the background when we go the store, its in our cars, we have it on our computers, and we have it our pockets waiting for us to put headphones in and hit play.  Who needs to pay lots of money to see musicians in a live performance when they can go online and get the music?  This availability of musical entertainment has caused us to lose some of the appreciation we have for music.  Not only is music so easy to access and listen to music, but it is now much more accessible to create music.  There are many different software programs that help us create music faster and more easily.  YouTube is full of tutorials on how to use these programs and how to quickly create music.  This availability of  music writing software and the mentality that anyone can create music easily is one that has in a sense devalued music.  Some people have began to think that writing and creating music is easy and they lose appreciation for complex and original music.  For example, this dub step artist incorporated a tutorial of how to write a dub step song into an actual song of theirs. This demonstrates the attitude of anyone can make electronic music.

Sorry I could not imbed the video.

One thought on “It’s easy!

  1. kt5runsing says:

    I can definitely see your perspective in the sense that we often take music for granted now. For example, it is no big deal to throw in a cd of Yo Yo Ma. We can listen to him whenever we want, yet he is a world renown cellist. However, In a way don’t you think more people are able to appreciate more music? If it weren’t for the media available today such as itunes and youtube, I never would have heard of Yo-Yo Ma. We are from two-different countries, and two different worlds leaving me zero access. Or even look at pop sensations such as Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, it would have taken the ten years to finally go international because they would have to travel so far, and give so many concerts. By then, Justin would be all grown up and not even have the same voice anymore. I can the negative effects of electronically dispersed music, but the good outweighs the bad.

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