One of the most amazing things about music is that it has a profound effect on the listener’s emotions. In an instant music can make the listener sad, happy, joyful, content, etc. The soundtracks in a movie are meant to manipulate the viewer’s emotions. I think that a great soundtrack can make or break a movie. The music helps build an emotional connection with the characters. One of the best examples of this I have ever seen is in the movie UP during the scene that shows a couple growing old together.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLprjxFhs8s (sorry it would not let me embed the video, but you should still click on the link 🙂

In under five minutes one goes through the emotions of joy, anticipation, dissapointment, grief, and sadness. The music is a big reason.  The music fits with each scene perfectly. During sad scence it slows down. When things start to look happier the tempo picks up. The music has a thicker texture when it is a happier scene. During the sad scene the texture is very simple and quiet. All of this combines together to make a very emotional scene.


2 thoughts on “Up

  1. kerianne26 says:

    That is so true! Part of the reason horror movies are so scary is because of the suspenseful music in the background. For me, movies can effect my mood a lot, and a big part of that is the music in the movies. Even a non scary movie can be scary to me during a suspenseful scene if the music is suspenseful. A movie with happy or hopeful music in the background leaves me in a better mood, where more pensive and tense music in movies leaves me feelings unsettled afterwards. Music effects the emotional influence of the movie a lot and guides us on how to feel. A scene of someone walking down a road can be interpreted many different ways, and the music can help us determine if it is supposed to be happy, thoughtful or tense.

  2. manoftheking says:

    ‘Tis true! It’s amazing to think how affective (and effective!) music is in the world we live in today. Sometimes I wonder if we truly realize how much music effects us in our day to day lives. I envision a day when those who make, listen to, and promote music realize and take into consideration the effect it is having more than the money it is making.

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