Do you like folk music? How about electronica music? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, then it would worthwhile to listen to an electronic/experimental/folk artist named Bibio (His real name is Stephen Wilkinson). Bibio has compiled several albums, including Vignetting the Compost, Ambivalence Avenue, and Mind Bokeh. I would suggest having a listen at any of these recent albums.

Bibio primarily relies on synthesizers and modified guitar sounds to produce his unique blend of folk style and electronic modification. He has also been known to edit ambient tracks and place them into rhythmic arrangements, which are quite catchy. Bibio stretches the possibilities of meter, melody, and even conventionality for the sake of some interesting, unique sounds.

Here are a few samples of his work:

Sugarette (Ambivalence Avenue). 

Flesh Rots, Pip Sown (Vignetting the Compost). Wilkinson’s folk roots come out a little bit more in this song.

Fire Ant (Ambivalence Avenue). This song particularly showcases his use of edited ambient tracks.


It is interesting listening to the progression of Bibio’s work. In some albums his music takes on a more spacey vintage sound, and in other albums he explores the use of droning synthesizers and hip-hop beats. At any rate, he is certainly a modern pioneer of ingenuity and creativity in regards to electronica and experimental folk music—and he does it well.


3 thoughts on “Bibio

  1. Adam Tasma says:

    Not my cup of tea, but I do have to admit, he does stretch conventionality without sacrificing quality.

  2. ferdinandsanders says:

    I stinking love Bibio!!!

    I have his two most recent CDs. And I think my favorite song is “Anything New” off of Mind Bokeh.

  3. ha000840 says:

    Wilkinson’s work is very unique! His more modern pieces are rather relaxing (specifically pieces like Sugarette). They sound like things I would listen to on a long road trip. Most of his other pieces remind me of 60-70’s style songs. It’s not exactly what I would expect to hear from a modern composer/arranger, but hey! All the more props to him for breaking the modern composition mold.

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