Norwegian Style

About a year ago, one of my friends posted a YouTube link on Facebook of what I thought was a random artist from Norway. Little did I know that a year later he would revolutionize the music I listen to, and become one of my top favorite artists.

Artist Jarle Bernhoft has successfully combined the freedom of soul/funk/R&B with the stereotypical “rigidness” that comes with electronic music.

What separates Bernhoft from every other artist, is his live performance. With the advances in electronic music, a band can make any sound they want within the studio. But in the music world today, a band doesn’t really make money unless they have a successful live show. So what makes Bernhoft’s performance so great?

What makes me so giddy about Jarle Bernhoft’s music and his live performance is his use of looping. Looping is the simple act of taking a recorded piece and playing over and over, adding and layering things on top of it. He has mastered the art of looping in his live performance. Bernhoft has bridged the gap between a full band sound in which he has captured in the studio, and the a one man band with the help of looping.

Unfortunately for me, Jarle Bernhoft spends a majority of his time halfway across the world which prevents me from going to see him live… But I am still very satisfied and more than impressed with the music that I now own, and the performances that are on the internet.

I strongly urge you to check him out! Get ready to be impressed!


This is one of his most popular songs, “C’mon Talk”, which displays his passion, soul, and talent in music.


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