Time for a Little Adventure

If anyone else is like me they love adventure. Many of us may have a desire to be adventurous and explore the unexplored. I would go as far as saying that everyone wants at least a hint of adventure and unpredictability in some aspect of their life. Although as humans we have this desire upon first glance it seems as though we live in the wrong century to fulfill this adventure. For example to my knowledge today it would be impossible impossible to find a large land mass that has been uncharted. It is likely that every island in the world has had a human set foot on it. Even the far reaches of space have been explored by high powered telescope. So what is left to explore? Where can we find adventure?

I have found adventure in music. Exploration and excitement can be found when exploring the creative elements of the music that can be created by our own minds. Think about it no one has ever played your instrument the way you do. No one has had the same voice as you. No one has ever made the same songs as you and you have the opportunity to create sounds that have not been made so far.

Adventure is critical to music. Styles of music evolve over years because of artists who are creative and do things differently. One of the most adventurous guitarists in the last 20 years has been Tom Morello. Morello has looked past his instruments conventional uses to find unique ways of creating sound. Although some people may believe his techniques stray too far from the way the guitar was “supposed” to be played I believe that this type of creativity is necessary for music to progress. Here is a video of some of the effects that he has used. Feel free to skip the first 2mins.


Another style of innovation for guitars that has recently become popular is percussive guitar. Although the acoustic guitar can be considered a percussive instrument the style of percussive guitar playing strays from the guitars original roots. Andy Mckee is one of the popular percussive guitar players. Mckee has been one of the pioneers of this new way of using the guitar. Here is the song drifting by Andy Mckee.


When it comest to new adventurous techniques and styles there will always be love and hate from the audience. There will be people who are not quite ready to change because they are comfortable with the styles of music and sounds they are accustom to because of their upbringing and cultural influences. At the same time there will be people who are excited for change and will accept adaptations in styles with open arms.

In a world that has been almost completely explored music is one of the final frontiers. I encourage fellow musicians to be adventurous. Climb that mountain by trying new things and exploring new sounds that have not yet been discovered.

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4 thoughts on “Time for a Little Adventure

  1. adam says:

    creativity is so key to music, without it, there can be no expression

  2. wumbologist says:

    I love when artists are willing to step outside of the box and look for new ways to explore musical sounds. Andy McKee is one of my favorite artists, and “Drifting” was the first song I ever heard by him actually. I personally love watching artists who create sounds or play their instruments in a way I have never heard before because it inspires me to be creative myself. In fact, some of my more creative moments have occurred right after I have listened to a new artist or a new song.

  3. ferdinandsanders says:

    Tom Morello and Andy McKee are so good. I love Morello’s days with Audio Slave (got the CD from my dad!)

    I am blown away by both of their musical abilities, and the sounds that they are able to create. Both very creative, and both crazy talented.

  4. manoftheking says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! One of the most difficult aspects of music for me is making it my own, especially in composition. When I hear things I like, I like to use them, but is that really my music then? I think so, as long as we use it in our own way. So… I’ll keep experimenting.

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