Art describes art in music

Art describes art in music

Art that is drawn can very closely related to Musical art drawing a different audience, but ultimately affecting the mood.  The mood can be related to era of the music or what the composer tries to convey.

“Jazz can be considered abstract art” (1, Innovative class

Musical chants can relate to

impressionism.  Music can point to somthing greater than a change of mood, It can point to religion.  Cathicolism used chants as a sign of worship, and for purposes to express spirituality.  A main era this occured was in the Renaissance era  A saxaphone with a melencholy sound derides from dutch art work.  The art work would consisted red, blue or flouricent lighting.(http//Digi fcla.EDU)  Even something Jocular,




exposed like disco music relates to cubanism.  Cubanism

Art can be created to show mood, but Music can aswell by a sweet melody or accompanied harmony.  In music a piece can display moods by texture, or timbre, and the flow of the music is by colors aswell.  Tone is also a major factor in texture.  A song can be monophonic- one instument, polyphonic- multiple insturment, and even hompohonic meaning more that one instrument is playing, but the instruments are playing the same melody or rhythm. Music can tell the story, but art paints the picture.  The picture not only by sight, but the idea behind the meaning,


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