The Power of Pandora

The website is a   way to discover new music. Pandora online radio is a site that allows you to create different playlists made from one song, one artist, or one genre. Pandora then creates a mix of songs that are similar to the original keyword. It’s incredible how it knows what is similar and what is not. I’m currently listening to Pandora, and I’ve found so many new artists that I never even knew existed! We live under the impression that our favorites artists, bands, singers, etc, are the very best at that every one else is just wrong. However, we in fact are the ones that are wrong. There are so many different artists that are incredibly talented. We simply all have different tastes in music. Pandora has taught me that. I discovered one of my favorite new artists because of Pandora. Here’s a little sample: My original playlist was Ingrid Michaelson, but I discovered a plethora of artists that are amazing, like Kate Nash. I also came to appreciate the band The Weepies more than I thought I did. Here’s a taste of them as well: Pandora is expanding many people’s music knowledge and library. I think this is incredibly important. The more different music we’re exposed to, the better we can understand the artistry behind music itself.  We need to continue to expand out musical preferences. Pandora online radio is one of the amazing ways we can do this.


3 thoughts on “The Power of Pandora

  1. Adam Tasma says:

    I love pandora. I remember when it came out like 4 years ago, and I firs read about the music genome project. Very interesting stuff!

  2. ferdinandsanders says:

    I too remember when Pandora first came out. I used the Pandora app on my phone and when I came across a song I liked, I would take a screenshot of it so I could go back later and listen/download.

    Its a great way to listen to music that you know and love, and music that you probably will like!

    That music genome project was a great idea indeed.

  3. wumbologist says:

    I love Pandora. One of my favorite kinds of music to listen to on Pandora is post-rock music, because it relaxes me the most. Then through Pandora’s shuffling playlist, I am able to find dozens of artists with more post-rock music that I can listen to. Like you said, it’s a great website for expanding your exposure to different artists and styles within a genre.

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