YouTube Symphony Orchestra

YouTube started the YouTube Symphony in 2008. Everyone from everywhere was invited to audition by posting a video online.  Tan Dun wrote the “Internet Symphony, Eroica” specifically for the YouTube Symphony. This piece was made available for anyone to print off and practice. Another video was then posted of a conductor conducting the piece. Players were to practice and record their audition while watching the conductor to ensure that everyone played together and with the same tempo and style. Musicians were also allowed to audition with non-traditional instruments as long as they played on the same pitches as a written part.

The submissions were compiled into one piece.

When music and technology are used together there are no limitations to what can be done. The YouTube symphony is a wonderful example of this. People from around the world, both young and old, playing several different kinds of instruments all came together to make music. Without technology these people would not have been able to share their music with the entire world. Technology also is what enabled the makers of the mashup video to create it. It is exciting to be in a time where music and technology are colliding.


One thought on “YouTube Symphony Orchestra

  1. ch758159 says:

    This is really interesting. I think its really great that we get to live during a time where we dont have to be anywhere near another musician to create art with them. Theoretically you could write and perform a song from miles away through Skype.

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