“Charlie Bit Me”, “David Goes To The Dentist”, “Charlie the Unicorn”, “The Count Censored”, “Leroy Jenkins” and many more youtube clips have become an integrated part of our society and culture and are quoted or referenced on a daily basis.  People are shocked if you haven’t seen a popular youtube video and insist that you need to see the video, as if it was imperative to your social status and life that you see that 3 minutes of ridiculous entertainment.  Many people don’t realize how much of an influence youtube has on our culture.  Within days a video can go viral and spread all over youtube, then it spills over and is spread all over facebook and twitter.  No wonder youtube has also influenced the music industry.  Not only can people listen to their favorite songs for free on youtube, but many people record their own songs or covers of popluar songs.  While this endless show and tell fest can get annoying to other youtube surfers; there are some artists that have used this outlet to get their foot in the door of the music industry.

The most well known example is Justin Bieber.  He was discovered in 2008 when a former marketing executive, Scooter Braun, accidentally clicked on one of Bieber’s videos.  And because of that, Justin Bieber is now one of the most popular artists.

Justin Bieber is not the only one that used youtube as a stepping stone into the music industry.  There are many local artists that utilize youtube to increase their popularity and to spread their music.  Another trend of youtube artists that has developed recently is the ability to use home recording technology not only to record, but to put their own creative twists on their music and the covers of popular songs.  Some great examples of using technology and youtube to get started in the music industry are the artists Karmin and Sam Tsui.


So as you can see in these few examples, the advances in technology has not only affected the sound of modern music, but it also has had a very big influence in how music is spread, how its recorded, and how it is used to discover new artists and music.



2 thoughts on “Youtube

  1. wumbologist says:

    True story. Some of the most impressive voices and talent I have listened to are on youtube. It’s amazing how sometimes a teenager who posts a flawless, raw video of their talent can sound better than the pop star who has to produce all of his/her music in the studio in order to make it sound any good. The Justin Beiber example even shows how marketing plays a huge role in the music industry these days. The actual talent of an artist only makes up part of the equation. In a culture that values appearance and entertainment a little more than it should, this same expectation is reflected in the way we choose the music and artists we listen to.

  2. manoftheking says:

    Whoever said is only for entertainment purposes has not seen much of youtube. It’s amazing how many videos of even classical music I have found to use as a reference in my own musical studies. Who knew technology could create such an influence on what was previously thought of as a man-made-straight-from-the-heart art form?

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