Voice Nodules

Here’s a post with some stuff that I thought was interesting about Voice Nodules:

It is far too common when singers do not sing with good technique and end up with nodules. It can be prevented, but many singers feel the need to sing a certain way because it sounds cool. However, what many singers don’t realize is that you can still sing with style while using good and safe technique. This would definitely help prevent nodules. Nodules, also known as nodes, are dangerous and should definitely be avoided.

Voice nodules are small lumps on the vocal chords caused by continued stress and misuse of the vocal chords. It often happens to singers. Doctors differ on whether or not nodules are more common with the style of musical theater or if it is just because of a busy schedule with many intense performances. Nodules are most common in adult women and young boys. According to speech-language-therapy.com, some common causes of vocal nodules are “excessive and over-enthusiastic rehearsal of school plays or concerts, excessive choir or solo-singing practice, overusing the voice on school camps or excursions, talking and shouting against background noise, overusing the voice during an infection such as a head cold, overusing the voice when tired or emotionally upset, glottal attack, coughing and loud forceful sneezing, shouting, cheering, screaming, throat clearing, making sound-effects, dryness,  and restricted fluid intake.” There is probably many more things that contribute to nodules. It really depends on the person and their voice.

Nodules aren’t that common for everyone, though. “They are more common with a family with loud voice habits, chronic asthma and/or allergies, recurrent and frequent upper respiratory tract infections, gastric reflux, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, behavior problems, excessive stress or tension in the person’s life, a loud, outgoing, enthusiastic, competitive personality with a tendency to act out emotionally, a highly conscientious personality, and a tendency for the young person to push themselves to succeed” said speech-language-therapy.com. Many doctors believe that the style of musical theater is very common to cause nodules. Another common field is pop singers. Mostly, it’s caused by singers not treating their voice in a good and healthy way. If singers were classically trained to have good technique they would be much less likely to develop nodules. However, it also can happen with professional singers that have insane schedules and may over-practice or over-perform. Similar to something mentioned before, it is also very dangerous to continue singing when ill. Many doctors believe it adds an extra stress onto the vocal chords. This could create a lot of pain, does not help the healing process at all, and may lead to nodules. Nodules can happen to a lot of people if they’re not very careful.

One of many singers’ main goals is to never develop nodules. One major con of nodules is that they may need surgery to remove. And, because of the surgery, many people will have to go on complete vocal rest for an entire month. If you’re a singer or educator, this can be very detrimental. So, many professional singers are very cautious in their habits. Non-professional singers, or even singers that are popular but have had no classical training, may be more at risk simply because they don’t treat their voice well.


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