So recently I have started getting addicted to this wonderful thing I like to call song writing.  It all started with me trying to prove to a few of my friends that I could be romantic and I did a really amazing job at proving it to them.  I went back to my room after leaving my friends that night determined to write the best love song in the world and make them all drop their mouths.  Well I finished the song that morning and played it for them later.  I did my job well they were all in shock and could not speak for several minutes.  After that event I loved the first song that I wrote so much that I just had to write a second one.  I started writing it the next morning and I think it was just as good as the first.  Now I am currently on the fifth song that I have written in the last three to four weeks.  I just cannot stop writing songs.

So you might ask what is so exciting about writing a song?  I would simply tell you that it expresses the emotions that you are feeling.  If you are angry you can make a song suited for that and it will let go of the anger.  If you are feeling happy you can express it to the world that nothing can bring you down.  Everything you do when you write your own song expresses exactly how you feel and when another person hears it they can see and understand your emotions coming out of that song.  I really enjoy expressing to people who I am and how I feel about things.  When you song write you just let it all go you can be yourself, express yourself, and make something that is your own.

Now that you have read to this point you might ask yourself so what I still can’t write a song.  I am here to tell you that you can write a song very easily.  All you need to do is make it up in your head and write down the words.  I know that you are very capable of thinking up a tune in your head that is completely your own it might take you a couple minute but eventually it will come easily.  Just opening yourself up to think up your own song makes you feel great.  Sometimes I will literally go around making up a song on the spot and sing it out loud.  In fact, I challenge you to try doing that go out into your normal everyday life and start singing something that you completely made up and you will probably be surprised at how many people will ask what song is that and all you will have to say is I made it up.

If you want to go beyond just singing songs off the top of your head like me you have to be dedicated to music and practice so that you can make it sound good.  My main goal is to someday make my own CD of music.  I got the recording equipment and I got the skills needed with my music.  I am working towards trying to record some good songs that people can listen to just for fun.  In fact, as soon as I get one of my songs recorded I will put it up on this page so that anyone can listen to it.  I hope that you can go and enjoy making your own music as much as I do.  Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Songwriting

  1. niftynichole says:

    I would like to hear one of those songs, Josh. I wrote a couple songs in high school and it was surprisingly easy. The hardest part was dictating it onto paper because I didn’t know how to read music then. Thank God for Aural Harmony right?

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