Daft Punk; Listening and Visual Entertainment



When Electronic Music was in its’ infancy, it was not very popular for a couple of reasons:

1. It did not always present repeated rhythms. (It was not “catchy”.)

2. It incorporated sounds that were deemed “unearthly”. These sounds were confusing to the public because it was not anything that they had heard before.

3. Electronic Music, in its’ early stages, could not always be performed in front of a crowd. (Pushing buttons on a stage did not give the performers much stage presence. This was dull for the audience.)

Since then, Electronic Music has changed drastically. No longer does it contain random rhythms and unsettling sounds. In much of today’s Electronic Music, rhythms are repeated constantly with only slight variations. (Some could make the comparison to minimalistic music, but not all Electronic Music could be compared this way.) The sounds and effects used in Electronic Music are also not as out of this world as they used to be. Over time, people became accustomed to some of these sounds and found when it was appropriate to use certain effects and pitches in the music. Live performances of Electronic Music have also been more common in the past ten years than ever before. This is because Electronic Music composers have come up with creative ways in which to portray their music live.

Daft Punk, an Electronic Music group, incorporates repeating rhythms, interesting sounds, and live performances into their music and tours to ensure the enjoyment of their audience. Daft Punk mostly deals with computer generated beats and pitches, but they do have a few of songs that also add a voice component to accompany the beats in the rhythm.

Here is a music video of Daft Punk’s song Around the World:

Usually, music videos are done with multiple times of filming, and then after filming, frames are put together in the order desired to make the video. In this video, however, Daft Punk used one straight camera shot. It was filmed continuously by multiple cameras. The main view would switch between cameras, but each perspective shown by the camera was of the same run-through of the choreography. The product video was taken all in one run-through. Shots of previous run-throughs were not used to make the video, so everything had to be done perfectly. Another video they did with interesting framing and filming techniques, wasHarder Better Faster Stronger:

In this video, over 100 cameras were filming this live rendition.

Daft Punk’s choice of filming techniques are not only what draws the crowd. As seen in the last video, the atmosphere of their performance is what gets the audience “hyped up” to see them. This atmosphere is created by a laser light show created by a giant pyramid in which the two members of Daft Punk are standing in.

These touches have inspired many people to be creative as well and to show their interpretation of the song.

Electronic Music has come so very far since its’ start. Now it is almost uncommon not to hear some kind of Electronic Music playing on the radio on the Top 40 Hit List.

It is interesting to see how this has changed musical trends in society. One question remains however. How will this change in musical trend affect society and what does the future hold for such an influential genre of music?



3 thoughts on “Daft Punk; Listening and Visual Entertainment

  1. Adam Tasma says:

    I found it interesting to see the different people’s interpretations of the song, even if it wasn’t so much a thought than a feeling. Daft Punk has never been one of my favorites to listen to in my off time, but I thought they did an amazing job with the soundtrack for Tron; it was a perfect stage for them.

  2. It’s amazing that a genre of music that’s known for a heavy beat and steady rhythms was originally criticized for not being “catchy!”

  3. ch758159 says:

    I think one of the aspects that attracts people to this genre of music right now is live performances like the one in the second video. I really enjoy seeing a performances that encompasses artistic elements such as light shows and things that add to the music. For me when I imagine electronic music I almost automatically think of the way lights are associated with sound.

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