Making Music in a Virtual World

Making music on a computer is nothing new to us.  It has become common practice to use a computer to produce and combine sounds in order to make musical tracks.  However, what has not been explored much is the possibility to make music within the virtual world of video games.  If anyone pays much attention to the video game scene, you have probably heard of a little game called Minecraft.  This increasingly popular game generates a virtual world where you collect various items and use them to survive in a hostile world.  One unique feature to this game is the inclusion of a craftable item called the Note Block.  Combining this item with the in-game circuitry allows you to create some amazingly complex pieces of musical genius.

Some of the musical things that people made in this amazing game include a music sequencer and full re-creations of well-known songs.  Here are some examples:

And these only scratch the surface of the vast number of musical creations that have been made within this virtual world.

The possibilities that arise from this idea of creating music within video games are great.  This game gives kids a new way to explore music.  Instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars on musical instruments and lessons, kids could learn how to create music using the medium of a video game.  With the rise of the digital age, more and more schools are looking for ways to keep their students engaged.  This is one possibility for them.

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5 thoughts on “Making Music in a Virtual World

  1. wumbologist says:

    I just want to start by saying that the creativity involved with these virtual games is incredible. I think it may require equal amounts of talent to create that as opposed to playing an instrument very well–maybe it takes even more talent. Of course, I would never say that I think this kind of music production should ever replace classical musical instruments, but I definitely agree that it’s a fun new to be musically creative.

  2. bmpacheco says:

    I definitely think that this is a really good idea for introducing children to music making and a great way for even students with physical disabilities who may not be able to hold or play a classical instrument to still be able to have fun making music.

  3. Wow! Is it a all like finale, where you input the desired note and then it plays that note on playback? This seems incredibly complex; I had no idea such a thing existed.

  4. eptrs says:

    Not exactly. The timbre of each note block is determined by the type of block that is placed underneath it and the pitch is changed by clicking on the note block itself. You use the in-game circuitry (which branches off into the realm of electronics and computers) to time the playback of the notes. I have played around with noteblocks myself, but not to that extent because, as you noticed, it can become very complex.

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